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Sexy Girls who have what it takes and have been complete a succesful photoshoot will be accepted and win there own Modelling Portfolio page.

Glamour Modelling

Let's start with a few definitions and explanations:

(If you aren't particularly outgoing and comfortable about being seen partly or fully naked, either in print or in the studio, you will not succeed in any of these areas.)

Nude modelling is much like glamour. The images in Lads Mags and Playboy and could be described as nude modelling or 'Soft Porn' images.

The choice of work is entirely yours. More money is offered for the 'higher' levels of work, but nobody would ever ask you to do work you didn't want to do.

In particular, there is a huge demand for (and shortage of) pretty young models with natural looking breasts who are prepared to work.

How do I know if I'm suitable?

Let us decide that.
Don't just assume that you're not suitable before you've even applied!

Let us assess your photos, and if we think you're suitable we'll tell you!


Model Promotions / Photographer / Studio

Have You Got What it Takes?

What photos should I send?

We will need to see a close-up photo of your face, and a full length swimwear or underwear picture.

Also, if you're interested in topless or nude work, then will also be useful.

We'll also need details and our application form can be filled in, and emailed with your full measurements and postal address and a bit about your hobbies and interests. You should also let us know what kinds of images and poses you are happy to create.

How to Apply Now!

1 - NEW 2024 Download the Application form by Right Click Save PDF or Rich Text then Edit to Fill it in, complete then print, then email or post or Fax to the address / number on the form

1 - Email your photos / application form to

3 - To book your photo shoot please e-mail and we will contact you to arrange a suitable date.

Existing models who require a Photographer can find him on facebook

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